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The Full Story


We're just a couple of crafty broads looking to share the things we love, the projects we are working on, and the things that inspire us. The crass jokes are just a bonus.

Citrus Fruits

Our Mission

We don't actually know yet so check back with us. Right now, we're just a stockpot of simmering ideas. Expect a launch in late summer 2022.


Our Team

Cee is a neurotic writer with a deep love for art and organizing - independently or together. She's a fan of art pop maximalism and Marx Bros movies. After managing a music and arts publication for more than a decade, she just wants to read, make crafts, and cry in the shower. 


Bee is the perfect combination of badass and bohemian. She loves inappropriate humor, hoarding both treasures and animals, urban homesteading, and any project involving paint. She lives with her tattoo-artist husband, precocious son, and a menagerie of other creatures.


All the other witchy, bitchy, weird, and wonderful femmes who share their experience or time or knowledge or knickknacks, etc. This is an unfolding effort and we appreciate the support. Monetary & otherwise. 

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